A Letter from the Director


Dear Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School Parents,

Mrs. Cindy McCauley and I would like to welcome you and to thank you for providing the opportunity to be a part of your child’s first school experience.  Your decision to take an active role in your child’s early education will be richly rewarded.   As early childhood educators, it is our job to provide a positive learning environment for your child every school day.  At CCNS, we create a nurturing atmosphere for both parent and child.  Through patience, respect and caring we strive to be positive role models to the children.  It is our responsibility to allow the children to be active participants in their school environment.  At preschool, the teachers focus on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspects of development.  This allows Mrs. Cindy and me to concentrate on the growth of the “whole-child.”

Here at CCNS, we strongly support the philosophy that play is the center of our learning.  Through play children learn about their surroundings and how to navigate in the world around them.   When play is allowed to be child driven, they practice decision-making skills, discover their own interests and develop peer group skills.  Children are encouraged to take the lead, explore their environment, establish routines and understand transitions.  The classroom is organized for enrichment, which allows the children to explore, to question, to work independently, within a group or with an adult.

Through the workdays, committee jobs and participating as a parent, you are an important part of our school.  Parents are welcome in the classroom anytime.  It is important for parents to observe their child in the school setting.  This experience allows parents to view their child outside of the home environment.  The parent gets to know their child’s friends and see how the child interacts in social settings.  Most importantly, parent involvement demonstrates to your child that school and learning is important.

Our three hours together at CCNS will be filled with stimulating activities for both the children and the parents.  We are truly looking forward to a terrific school year filled with growth and friendship.



Michelle Reilly

Director/Teacher for Darling Ducklings